Breath Biopsy® Technology Whitepaper

This whitepaper introduces the Breath Biopsy® Technology behind the products and services we offer for breath research, including information on the key benefits and challenges of breath research, the ReCIVA® Breath Sampler, CASPER® Portable Air Supply, Collect Software, EVOC® Probes, OMNI®, and the VOC Atlas.

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Breath & the Microbiome 101

Read our short document detailing the powerful potential of breath analysis in microbiome research, what data we have, and how Owlstone Medical can help.

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Breath Biopsy® OMNI®: Data Normalization Project

This whitepaper explores one of the key analytical processes underpinning Breath Biopsy OMNI, the most advanced service for global breath VOC analysis.

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Breath Biopsy® OMNI®: Advanced Global Breath VOC Analysis

Introducing Breath Biopsy OMNI, the most advanced global breath VOC analysis service. Find out about OMNI's end-to-end support for clinical trials and academic research.

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Breath Biopsy: a non-invasive approach for disease detection and precision medicine

by Dominic Roberts, Cristian Cojocariu, Kayleigh Arthur, Jonathan Lawson - Orbitrap whitepaper

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Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology - Breath Diagnostics

by Marc van der Schee and Theo Wilson


Application of Breath Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Asthma

By Mike Murphy and Marc van der Schee - Owlstone Medical whitepaper


Breath based biomarker detection: informing drug development and future treatment regimes

By Billy Boyle and Mike Murphy - Drug Discovery World


ultraFAIMS: A New Dimension in Mass Spectrometry

ultraFAIMS applications whitepaper


The Theory of Headspace Sampling

Owlstone Medical's guide to the theory of headspace sampling

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