Breath Analysis & Infectious Disease 101

Read our short document summarizing the potential of breath analysis in infectious disease research, what data we have, and how Owlstone Medical can help.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed diagnosis and healthcare for infectious disease medicine firmly in the global spotlight. Accurately diagnosing infectious diseases ensures appropriate treatment and increases our understanding of how an infection is moving through a population. Breath is enriched with compounds that are associated with many different mechanisms associated with infectious disease, meaning these compounds can be used as biomarkers. There is a promising association between changes in breath composition and multiple different infectious diseases. Read our short document detailing the powerful potential of exhaled breath analysis and its use in clinical research for infectious disease.

This document focuses on discussing three major areas:

  1. Why use breath?
  2. What data do we have?
  3. How can Owlstone Medical help?

If you have any questions or would like to use Breath Biopsy in your infectious disease research, please get in touch with our expert team.

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