Wisenave Arulvasan and Ace Hatch at the Breath Biopsy Conference 2022

(28 mins) Introducing Owlstone’s Breath VOC ATLAS: identification of breath VOCs with TD-GC-Orbitrap Spectrometry


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01:05 Talk

20:22 Q&A

Talk Abstract:

The success of breath-based biomarker discovery relies on a measurement technology that has been carefully engineered to measure a broad range of biologically relevant VOCs with high recision. The complex and poorly understood composition of the breath matrix makes this a significant challenge. This presentation introduces Owlstone Medical’s Breath VOC ATLAS; an ever-growing list of VOCs that exist on breath, differentiated from background contamination, and found repeatedly in a human population. We will discuss ways in which the VOC ATLAS paves the way for a breath VOC measurement platform with superior precision and reproducibility; attributes that are pivotal to biomarker discovery. The VOC ATLAS will enable the pooling of breath data and thus the ability to derive powerful biological insight to the breath matrix while also guiding study designs based on the known behaviour of VOCS in a population. We will present the methodology used to build the VOC ATLAS, including the study design, statistical methods and compound identification workflow based on Thermo’s Oritrap Q Exactive.

Speaker Biographies:

Wisenave Arulvasan is a Senior Analytical Research and Development Scientist at Owlstone Medical, she joined Owlstone Medical in 2017. During her time at Owlstone, Wisenave has worked on various projects including the evaluation of the impact of breath volume on biomarker discovery as well as developing and optimising EI & CI feature extraction workflows. Prior to joining Owlstone, Wisenave worked at the University of Cambridge Department of Medicine. She completed her BSc and MSc at University College London and undertook a Research Fellowship at Research Institute of Molecular Pathology in Austria.

Ace Hatch is a Senior Biomarker Scientist at Owlstone Medical. Ace is an experienced biomarker scientist with a background in developing non-invasive biomarkers for diagnosing disease, selecting therapies, and monitoring therapeutic response. He has worked extensively in circulating blood-based biomarkers with a particular emphasis on oncology applications. At Owlstone Medical Ace helps investigators apply Breath Biopsy® technology in their trials to identify volatile breath biomarkers in multiple disease settings.

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