Cancer Research UK – Early Detection Awards

Published on: 1 Aug 2017, under Cancer

Have you got an idea that could help early cancer detection? You can now apply for CRUK’s Early Detection Project and Programme Awards.

In the UK, one in two of us get cancer at some point in our lives. Detecting cancer earlier is our best opportunity to save people’s lives. Cancer Research UK (CRUK) have announced funding for early detection research via Project and Programme Awards aimed at both clinicians and non-clinical researchers based at UK institutions.

The Project Award offers up to £500K over 4 years for: “exceptional science to drive forward a transformational change in how and when early cancers and pre-cancerous states are detected”, and is aimed at researchers at any career stage.

The Programme Award, which is aimed at more established researchers, offers £2.5 million over 5 years to fund “long-term, integrated and renewable programmes of exceptional science to transform how and when early cancers and pre-cancerous states are detected”.

The deadline for both awards is 26th September 2017.

Learn more about the PROJECT AWARD and PROGRAMME AWARD on CRUK’s web site.

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