Medical Devices: New Breath Biopsy breathalyser

Published on: 6 Dec 2019, under Breath Biopsy

An article from Medical Devices discusses, ‘New Breath Biopsy breathalyser to speed cancer detection by measuring chemical compounds.’

Anjuman Rahman outlines the Breath Biopsy® device and Owlstone Medical’s trials for cancer, inflammatory and infectious disease.

The article includes discussion with Chris Claxton, our Head of Investor Relations. “There’s a reason that we don’t go to the doctor’s office for breath testing today, and that is because the breath-based diagnostics are hard.

“Prior to application, we had to develop the entire workflow in order to develop our unique Breath Biopsy platform that can be used in a wide range of applications, including cancer and respiratory and we are now working with partners in a wide range of disease areas.”

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