Significant Media Interest in PAN Cancer Trial Launch

Published on: 10 Jan 2019, under Breath Biopsy

Exciting times here at Owlstone Medical, with unprecedented levels of media coverage for our recently initiated PAN Cancer trial. Rebecca Fitzgerald, lead trial investigator at CRUK, was interviewed on both BBC and ITV News, and a film crew from ITV could be seen filming outside our offices here in Cambridge. Rebecca also appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today program, where she spoke to John Humphrys about how Breath Biopsy could be used in cancer detection (12:29 and 1:13:03, available online until 03/02/19), and BBC Breakfast. We made the front page of the Daily Mail and i, with further stories in the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Sun, Sky News, The Daily Mirror, and (with a unique slant to it) the Daily Express. And the coverage wasn’t just confined to the UK – there were discussions of Breath Biopsy on Al-Jazeera, CBS New York and WXYZ-TV Detroit, coverage from the Irish Independent and CNN International, and stories in news media as far afield as Sri LankaGhana, South Africa and Armenia.

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