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Published on: 17 Jan 2019, under Breath Biopsy

Disease development is complex and relies on a combination of both genetic and environmental factors. An expanding area of research aims to bridge the gap between exposure to environmental factors, and the impact on health. Once fully understood, it will be possible to diagnose and treat at risk patients quicker, or even prevent diseases from developing.

Genetics loads the gun, but the environment pulls the trigger

As well as committing to improve the early detection of disease, Owlstone Medical is developing Breath Biopsy as a platform for academic and pharmaceutical researchers to investigate exposure and disease initiation. The four main areas where Breath Biopsy can be applied in this research are:

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Figure 1. Potential applications for Breath Biopsy in research bridging the gap between exposure to environmental factors, and the impact on health.

Information generated on disease development will have the potential to improve awareness of exposure risk, individual’s metabolism, possible disease prevention, and early detection of disease.

Healthcare experts across the globe, including The WHO, UK government, and the NIH identify prevention of disease development as a key objective to improving the health and reducing the burden and costs of treatment on healthcare systems. It is therefore an essential subject for research.

Owlstone Medical have pioneered the use of EVOC probes to aid the research into disease initiation, which enables targeted stimulation of biological pathways, providing an insight into the body’s liver function and metabolism through the use of exogenous VOC (EVOC) Probes. One application of EVOC probes is to enable researchers to explore how exogenous compounds are absorbed, metabolized, or excreted in breath.

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