Clinical Laboratory International: GC-MS discovery of biomarkers will allow non-invasive early disease detection by breath biopsy

Published on: 28 Apr 2020, under Breath Biopsy

The recent collaboration between Owlstone Medical and Thermo Fisher Scientific™ aims to advance the non-invasive breath sampling sphere by providing highly accurate data-driven chemical profiles integrating the Thermo Fisher’s GC-Orbitrap™ into the Breath Biopsy® analysis platform. A recent article written by Clinical Laboratory International speaks with Dr Max Allsworth, CSO of Owlstone Medical, and Dominic Roberts, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The article discusses how the enhanced platform will allow selective identification of a wide range of chemical classes at specific sensitivities; the ability to provide a full phenotypic profile from both high and trace level chemical detection and the dynamic capability to respectively analyse data from different perspectives in the future.  

“One of the areas of greatest promise of MS in clinical settings is through the deployment of Breath Biopsy®. Metabolites, being the furthest downstream in biological processes, represent the most phenotypically relevant biomarkers that take into account both endogenous and external drivers of disease. Breath represents an extremely exciting approach to capturing these chemicals at very low levels with powerful implications for the early detection of disease and the effective delivery of precision medicine.”


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