Breath Biopsy Services

Volatile organic compound (VOC) biomarker discovery and validation for early detection, therapeutic response, drug toxicity and disease monitoring for cancer, inflammatory, and infectious diseases.

We offer a complete set of services for analysis of non-invasive biomarkers in breath

From sample collection through biomarker discovery to test creation and validation, our exceptional analytical platforms, rigorous quality standards and experienced staff deliver reliable, reproducible and rapid results.

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We're here to support every step of your breath analysis research. Our Breath Biopsy Services flyer has more information.

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Integrate Breath Biopsy into your COVID-19 Research

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A world class team and facilities at the heart of our services

An innovative team of analytical chemists run our state-of-the-art high volume clinical laboratory and work closely with our highly talented data scientists to deliver maximum actionable information from your patient samples.

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Breath Biopsy Kits, from collection to discovery and validation of VOC biomarkers

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Why breath?

A non-invasive measure of cell activity to detect disease, predict correct therapy, and monitor response.

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