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Combining high resolution accurate mass mass spectrometry and world-leading breath analysis expertise to offer complete biomarker discovery and validation solutions


Enabling early disease detection and precision medicine across a wide range of disease areas

Through Breath Biopsy® Services we can support every aspect of your breath biomarker research. From trial design through to analysis, test development and validation, our experienced team can help.

As a user of Breath Biopsy Services, all of your breath sample processing and analysis will be handled by our expert team at the world’s only specialist high-volume Breath Biopsy Laboratory in Cambridge, UK. 

Our analytical pipeline centers on high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) mass spectrometry (MS) provided by Q Exactive™ Orbitrap™ technology and includes rigorous quality control at all stages to ensure you get the best possible results. Biomarker identification uses the optimized HRAM Breath Biopsy Library to give high confidence molecular identities.

Breath Biopsy Products and Services are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The Breath Biopsy Laboratory

Service Capabilities

  • Sensitivity

    High sensitivity breath biomarker detection

  • Versatility

    Service options available for focused and VOC discovery analysis to suit your needs

  • Precision

    HRAM mass spectrometry VOC analysis

  • Customization

    Data processing options to include in-depth statistical analyses and modelling

  • Accuracy

    Tailored HRAM Breath Biopsy Library of VOCs provides confidence in VOC identification

  • Panels

    A curated RUO Panel of VOCs is available to support focused research into respiratory diseases

  • Quality

    Rigorous quality control standards

  • Interpretation

    Biological interpretation and relevance analysis

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Breath Biopsy OMNI Assay

The Breath Biopsy OMNI (Owlstone Medical Novel Insights) Assay is our comprehensive solution for end-to-end breath sample collection and VOC analysis. Thanks to the unique capabilities of our platform, we are able to provide untargeted VOC discovery and focused VOC analyses using a single set of breath samples.

The implementation of our HRAM Breath Biopsy Library ensures you can have high confidence in biomarker identifications. This can be combined with VOC discovery to identify additional novel candidate VOCs relevant to your application. Our thorough system of internal standards offers accurate relative quantitation for all identified breath compounds.

We provide a range of analysis and reporting options to suit your needs and study design. Options range from raw feature tables through to comprehensive statistical analysis and modelling supported by machine learning methods.

HRAM Breath Biopsy Library

The HRAM Breath Biopsy Library provides reliable breath biomarker identification optimized for Breath Biopsy samples. VOCs included in the Library have relevance to factors including inflammation, oxidative stress, respiratory disease, cancer, liver disease, the microbiome or environmental exposures. Each association is supported by a combination of biological rationale, mechanistic relationships and strong empirical evidence.

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What is GC-Orbitrap?

The Breath Biopsy Laboratory includes multiple Thermo Scientific Q Exactive GC Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometers, enabling high-accuracy analysis of breath samples for biomarker discovery and targeted validation.

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Orbitrap for Breath Biopsy

  • Optimized

    To enable high-quality VOC detection from breath samples

  • Sensitivity

    Capable of detecting low abundance analytes in a complex breath matrix

  • Dynamic Range

    Detect both high-abundance VOCs and trace-level analytes within a single analysis. Typical concentrations of chemicals in breath span 5 orders of magnitude.

  • Reliable

    Accurate mass stability and spectral fidelity leads to fast and confident detection.

  • Software

    Software flexibility for discovery and routine targeted workflows.

Breath Biopsy: The Complete Guide, your introduction to breath biomarkers


With you at every stage

As the leaders in Breath Biopsy, we’re equipped to help you at every stage of your investigations. Thanks to our role in some of the world’s largest breath research trials, our team includes authorities on study design and planning. We offer study management and training to implement your studies in clinical sites worldwide.


Developing clinical applications

Beyond biomarker discovery and validation, we can work with you to develop identified biomarkers into focused breath-based tests for clinical implementation. We have the capabilities to work with you to develop your research further through fit-for-purpose quantitative TD-GC-MS assays or our proprietary field asymmetric ion mobility spectroscopy (FAIMS) solutions.

FAIMS combines high sensitivity, tuneable chemical detection with versatility and portability making it suitable for application in a range of point of care clinical settings. Together, we can develop tests for use in screening, early detection, complementary diagnostics, treatment monitoring and much more.

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The Breath Biopsy Laboratory

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