Third Edition of Breath Biopsy: The Complete Guide

Published on: 4 May 2020, under Breath Biopsy

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Breath Biopsy Complete Guide

We are pleased to announce the launch of the third edition of Breath Biopsy: The Complete Guide, which is now available for download.

In order to provide you with the latest Breath Biopsy advances, we are continually researching the breath field and updating our resources. This is now reflected in the latest edition of Breath Biopsy: The Complete Guide, which explores the ever expanding applications of breath research and includes new findings, building on from the previous versions.

In this new edition you will find updates throughout (see all content). This includes the addition of respiratory droplets as an additional source of information that parallels volatile organic compounds. We’ve also made the following new additions:

  • Untargeted & Targeted Approaches

Explaining the main differences between untargeted and targeted approaches for Breath-based studies

  • EVOC® Probes and Example Research Applications of EVOC Probes

Exogenous Volatile Organic Compound (EVOC) Probes enable targeted stimulation of biological pathways. Given the increasing popularity and potential uses of EVOC Probes, we explain what they are and how they can be used in this chapter in detail.

  • Breath Biopsy for Exposomics

This chapter focuses on how non-invasive Breath Biopsy can help us understand how factors in our environment and lifestyle affect our long term health, in particular through detection and biomonitoring

  • FAIMS for Targeted VOC Analysis

Due to the high numbers of questions we regularly receive in FAIMS, the new guide includes a section explaining in what circumstances FAIMS can be used with Breath studies

BBGuide v3 - Figure 13
Breath Biopsy: The Complete Guide, Third Edition – sample image
Figure 1: VOC biomarkers in breath have been reported for a large number of diseases in the literature, highlighting the wide disease relevance of Breath Biopsy. Colours relate to the main organ of disease effect, grey borders indicate diseases linked to other organs or systems.

Additionally, in the new section ‘VOC application case studies’ you will be able to find updated information on breath studies in asthma, COPD, pulmonary hypertension, cancer, inflammatory diseases, liver diseases, infectious disease and other conditions.

Since we launched the second edition of the Breath Biopsy: The Complete Guide there have been over 3000 downloads, not counting all the hardcopies we have handed over and shipped out.

We invite you to download Breath Biopsy: The Complete Guide, Third Edition for free here. Check out the content page or take a sneak peek at one of the updated sections here.

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