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Published on: 6 Jun 2023, under Gut & Digestion

We are delighted to see our CEO Billy Boyle featured on BBC Click’s program discussing how breath analysis can revolutionize monitoring technology to empower patients and their doctors to improve healthcare decision-making. BBC Click focuses on the tools that may revolutionize business and everyday life. Our upcoming launch of at-home hydrogen and methane breath testing devices from our patient-centric brand OMED Health® was featured, demonstrating the power breath analysis can provide to those suffering from digestive health issues.  
In this program, it is discussed how breath testing provides the opportunity to measure gases that pertain to the activity of the gut microbiome, which may provide insight alongside a clinician’s advice into the diagnosis of certain conditions such as carbohydrate malabsorption, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.  
As well as gases such as hydrogen and methane, there are hundreds of other compounds found within exhaled breath that have the potential to act in a similar way to indicate the presence of disease within the body. This includes compounds such as indole that have been linked to blood glucose levels, offering a potential alternative method of monitoring for patients with diabetes, and short-chain fatty acids that are associated with the microbiome in the gut, and have been correlated to the inflammatory states that overtime can lead to the development of cancer.  

Watch the feature of OMED Health on BBC Click from 13min40sec

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