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Published on: 12 Sep 2023, under Breath Biopsy

Breath Biopsy Fourth Edition Front Cover

We are thrilled to announce that we have launched the fourth edition of The Breath Biopsy Guide and it is now available to download!

As leaders in the breath research field, we know just how fast-paced this field can be, with many exciting advances made since our last edition. This is why we believe it is important to bring you regular updates via our various resources to provide the entire breath research community with the latest cutting-edge Breath Biopsy knowledge.For this reason, we are delighted to announce that the fourth edition of The Breath Biopsy Guide is now available to download, where we explore the expanding applications of Breath Biopsy and highlight the new findings and innovations in breath research.In this new edition, we have refreshed all our content to provide you with an all-inclusive reference document for breath research. There are also many important updates, including our case study section, which now includes updated research and information on breath studies focusing on liver disease, respiratory disease, lung cancer, and the microbiome to keep up with the most exciting and promising applications of breath analysis.

What does the Breath Biopsy Guide include?

You might also notice that the fourth edition is shorter than the third edition, as we have aimed to provide a concise and clear document to convey complex ideas in an easy-to-read format. We have also:

  • Added a brand-new chapter on The Future of Breath Research, detailing new information about Owlstone Medical Breath Biopsy Products and Services.
  • Included a section on our new Breath Biopsy VOC Atlas which is the largest available dataset of VOCs distinguishable from background in the breath that can enhance breath biomarker development.
  • Provided a new chapter on research methodology which demonstrates how to achieve the highest standard of breath research, with a discussion on challenges in the field and how we can work together as a community to overcome them.
BB Guide Graphic
The Breath Biopsy Guide – Fourth Edition – sample image.
Figure 1: Breath Biopsy can be used in clinical practice or clinical trials to detect VOC biomarkers in breath. This research can lead to earlier diagnosis and therefore more effective treatment in many different diseases.

There have been over 4,400 downloads since we launched the third edition of The Breath Biopsy Guide, excluding all the hard copies we have handed and shipped out over the years! Download The Breath Biopsy Guide, Fourth Edition now for free by clicking the button below and completing the form.


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