43rd BMSS Annual Meeting

Manchester, UK, 12-14 Sep 2023

BMSS 43rd Annual Meeting 2023

Date: 12-14 September

Location: Manchester, UK

We will be attending the 43rd British Mass Spectrometry Society Annual Meeting. This event brings together experts from across the world to discuss an extensive and invigorating Scientific Programme, including three Plenary Lectures, 12 Keynote Lectures, 36 Contributed Talks, 90 Flash Oral Presentations, and traditionally presented poster sessions.

At this event we presented the following talks which you can now watch on demand: 

"Introducing the Breath Biopsy VOC Atlas: identification of breath VOCs with TD-GC-Orbitrap high-resolution accurate mass spectrometry"

"High sensitivity detection of deuterium-labelled volatile compounds with Orbitrap-MS: from in-vitro headspace analysis to Breath Biopsy."


If you would like to meet with our team at this event, please get in touch


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