Identifying Translational Biomarkers for Diagnostics and Drug Development using Breath Biopsy In Vitro Headspace Analysis

19 May 2022

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Date: 19th May, 3pm BST, 4pm CST, 10am ET, 9am CT

Location: Online

Our next webinar 'Identifying Translational Biomarkers for Diagnostics and Drug Development Using Breath Biopsy® in Vitro Headspace Analysis', will be held online, on 19th May 2022. 

Giueseppe Ferrandino, one of our Senior Translational Scientists, will discuss data from our work on EVOC® Probes for chronic liver diseases to demonstrate the conversion of probes to metabolic products by cultured hepatocytes. 

Dr Agnieszka Smolinksa, Assistant Professor at Maastricht University, will then present results from a study that investigates the response of bronchial cells to inflammatory stimuli. 

This webinar is perfect for researchers interested in using in vitro methods to investigate volatile metabolites as potential translational biomarkers.

The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session, hosted by Billy Boyle, CEO Owlstone Medical 

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