Microbiome Interactions in Health and Disease

Cambridge, UK, 14 - 16 Feb 2024

Microbiome Interactions in Health and Disease

Date: 14 - 16 Feb 2024

Location: Cambridge, UK

This conference will bring together leading scientists, clinicians and bionformaticians working in microbiology, host-microbiota interactions, gastroenterology, microbial ecology, neuroscience, and public health to discuss the latest developments in microbiome research and applications.

The host-associated microbiota has a profound impact on early development and health throughout life. The interplay between microbiota, nutrition and host immunity is important in the pathophysiology of many diseases, including liver diseases, inflammatory bowel conditions, autoimmune diseases, cancers and diabetes. Studies on microbiota from various body sites, and in patient cohorts, are helping us to understand how microorganisms affect the physiology of the host, leading to new applications and therapies.

This meeting will update current knowledge of microbiota ecology and the mechanisms by which microbiomes and their metabolites influence the immune system and development and function of different organs. The programme will also highlight new developments enabled by large-scale approaches and emerging technologies.

This year’s meeting will include discussions on how to improve knowledge of microbiomes from populations across the world. We will also focus on how the gut microbiome can impact on the gut-brain axis, neuropathies and behaviour. Sessions will also explore ecological networks and modelling, how the microbiome is influenced by the immune system and the latest developments in biotherapeutics, including faecal transfer in the clinic.

We will be presenting at this event, ‘Introducing the Breath Biopsy VOC Atlas: A list of microbiome associated VOCS for breath-based biomarker discovery.’ Please come and see us to discuss how our Breath Biopsy platform could help to support your biomarker discovery research:


Nabeetha Nagalingam


Elena Piscitelli

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