VitaFoods – Nutraceutical Conference

Geneva, Switzerland, Booth P254, 14 - 16 May 2024

VitaFoods – Nutraceutical Conference

Date: 14 - 16 May 2024

Location: Geneva, Switzerland, Booth P254

The Vitafoods Europe Conference, spanning two days, will concentrate on addressing present challenges and pinpointing immediate opportunities within the nutraceutical industry.

Throughout the conference, professionals from various domains will share data-driven, evidence-based solutions, the latest research, insights into ingredients, innovations, and formulation strategies in the following areas:

  • Sports nutrition & active lifestyle
  • Immune and gut health
  • Cognitive & emotional health
  • Healthy aging, longevity & metabolic health

Meet the team attending VitaFoods Europe:

Matteo Tardelli - Senior Biomarker Scientist

Matteo Tardelli

Matteo is a Senior Biomarker Scientist in Owlstone Medical’s Clinical and Translational Science program. With 12+ years’ experience in rare diseases, metabolic disorders, and immunology, his expertise spans academic research and bio/med-tech and management consulting. He is an accomplished project leader, excelling in team-oriented environments for pre- and clinical biomarker discovery.

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