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Published on: 30 Jun 2022, under Media Mentions

As part of the June issue of Nature Biotechnology an article discussed recent advances in devices for detecting and analyzing breath biomarkers, including our ReCIVA Breath Sampler. Our CEO Billy Boyle was interviewed by the writer, contributing his unique insights into current successes and challenges in breath collection and analysis. The article highlighted the opportunities that the COVID-19 pandemic had brought to the field of breath research, in terms of increased interest and funding to develop the next generation of diagnostic breath tests and tools. Find out more about our test development pipeline in a recent blog.

“Just as most household waste has to exit in compost, recycling or trash bins, cellular waste also has a limited number of escape routes. Besides obvious excreta like urine and feces, the body can remove unwanted chemicals via sweat, vomit and breath. Deep in the lungs, VOCs dissolved in blood can cross into alveoli and then be exhaled. Because all parts of the body are connected via the bloodstream, breath can contain clues not just to respiratory conditions, but to a multitude of diseases.”


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