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Gastrointestinal Diseases

Breath biomarker discovery with Breath Biopsy® could help to enable non-invasive precision medicine and symptom monitoring for gastrointestinal diseases.

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Webinar: Breath Biopsy and Digestive Testing Health

Anthony Hobson discusses the non-invasive breath tests currently used to assess gut function and looks to the future.

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Paper: Non-invasive exhaled volatile organic biomarker analysis to detect inflammatory bowel disease

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Blog: Why use breath to study gastrointestinal diseases?

Gastrointestinal disease processes are associated with VOC production, with some tests already in diagnostic use.

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Gut Health Tests

Take control of your digestive health through a simple at-home test.

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We’re working on gastrointestinal disease with these groups:

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Find out what Breath Biopsy can do with our webinar on clinical applications.

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