Asthma UK funding round 2019

Published on: 9 Aug 2019, under Breath Biopsy

Asthma UK will be launching a second round of funding for diagnostics in September 2019. If you are looking for a SME collaborator for your application, get in touch with us to discuss if we can help.

  • The call will consist of two stages; 1. Expression of Interest, and 2. a full application
  • Projects may be up to £250,000
  • Researchers applying must have a SME collaborator
  • Competition results due summer 2020


Breath Biopsy for Discovery of Novel Asthma Biomarkers

Exhaled volatile organic compounds (VOCs) reflect molecular processes related to chronic inflammation in asthma. This makes VOCs in exhaled breath ideal biomarkers for diagnosis, stratification of asthma phenotypes to enable precision medicine, ensuring patients receive the most optimal treatment.
Owlstone Medical’s breath sampling and analysis technology offers a non-invasive way to study VOC biomarkers in asthma.

Read more about the applications of breath biomarkers in asthma in our research case study.

Breath Biopsy®

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