Breath Biopsy could change the face of early cancer detection

Published on: 27 Nov 2019, under Breath Biopsy

A recent article in the Pharmaceutical Journal discusses, ‘How a breath biopsy test could change the face of early cancer detection.’

The article, by Dr Balkees Abderrahman, discusses the introduction of the PAN Cancer trial, a collaboration between Owlstone Medical, Cancer Research UK, University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The trial uses the Breath Biopsy® platform, which has the potential to detect signature VOCs that relate to multiple inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases and possibly multiple cancers.

The PAN trial’s primary aim is to detect these biomarker VOCs in patients’ exhaled breath in the early stages of six cancers

Dr Abderrahmah has also published an article in Oncology Central, discussing, ‘Exhaled breath biopsy: a new cancer detection paradigm.’ This article covers why cancer is a global priority, and how early diagnosis of the disease has massive implications for health and survival rates as well as in terms of financial healthcare costs. It goes on to mention the PAN Cancer trial.

Balkees Abderrahman is a Fellow of Cancer Research at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas.

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