Biotechniques: Balkees Abderrahman on exhaled breath biopsy for cancer diagnosis

Published on 06 Nov 19, under Press mentions

A recent Biotechniques article by Balkees Abderrahman (MD Anderson Cancer Center, TX, USA, and the University of Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK) features an overview of Breath Biopsy and our latest news and developments.

Balkees Abderrahman on exhaled breath biopsy for cancer diagnosis

This article discusses how breath analysis could address the flaws and challenges that currently exist in diagnostic techniques for cancer.

Effective screening tests have been heralded as the “holy grail” of cancer prevention, and the ReCIVA® Breath Sampler falls right in that family.

Breath Biopsy® Complete Guide - VOCs as Biomarkers for Disease


In her own words, Dr Abderrahman details our world-leading Breath Biopsy® platform and how our work in recent years is driving progress in the breath research field. Alongside this, the article describes the benefits of the CASPER™ Clean Air Supply and how it addresses some of the persistent breath collection challenges shared by researchers worldwide. Abderrahman goes on to outline the clinical trials taking place at Owlstone Medical, and concludes with some of the predictions for the breath space over the next five years - a topic which will be discussed further at the Breath Biopsy Conference 2019.

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