Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society: The Great Exhale – Using Breath Analysis to Detect Disease

Published on: 24 Jul 2020, under COVID-19

A recent article by Lesley Mertz in IEEE Pulse, a magazine from the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, discusses how VOCs in exhaled air could allow early detection of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses. 

The introduction of Breath Biopsy® is standardizing breath sample collection and analysis technologies, and Owlstone Medical is compiling data to begin to identify and verify breath biomarkers that can serve as reliable indicators of disease. 

In the article, Mertz covers the origins of VOCs and the process of collecting and analyzing breath samples in discussion with Marc van der Schee, Head of Clinical at Owlstone Medical. The article concludes with a reflection on the exciting future of breath research. 

“For the first time, we’re in a position where we can actually start interpreting these VOC data for larger-scale studies and make significant progress toward evaluating breath as a diagnostic tool.”

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