ATS Podcast: Billy Boyle on Metabolomics and the Airways

Published on 18 Aug 21, under Breath Biopsy, Interviews, Lung & Respiratory, Science & Research

Andrew Bishop, Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine at the Wake Forest School of Medicine recently interviewed our CEO Billy Boyle for the second ATS section on Genetics and Genomics podcast.

The discussion focussed on metabolomics and the airways. Billy explained the advantages of using breath as a sample source over other biomarker mediums like blood and urine. He also described the technologies Owlstone Medical has developed, including the ReCIVA® Breath Sampler, Endogenous Volatile Organic Compounds (EVOC®s) Probes, and ultraFAIMS, that have accelerated advancements in the collection and analysis of exhaled breath volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Listen to the podcast now:

Andrew Bishop and Billy Boyle - social

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