The Exhaled Microbiome Profile

How volatile compounds in breath can be used to diagnose disease, develop personalized therapies, and combat antibiotic resistance.

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Breath Biopsy Samples

An overview of samples processed by the Breath Biopsy Lab up to April 2023

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Moniek van Aarle  at BBCon 2023

Exhaled Breath Analysis for Asthma Detection in Children: Leveraging and comparing SIFT-MS and GC-ToF-MS

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Food Intolerances eBook

How do you diagnose whether you have a food intolerance, and how can you manage it for improved gut health? Read our ebook from our patient-centric brand OMED Health to find out more.

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Analyzing Metabolic Responses to a Standardized Meal Challenge using the Breath Biopsy® OMNI® Platform

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Discovery and Validation of a Volatile Signature of Eosinophilic Airway Inflammation in Asthma

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Next-Gen Breath Analysis to Accelerate Biomarker Research Webinar

Explore recent advances in human breath analysis with Owlstone Medical's webinar. Discover the Breath Biopsy® OMNI® platform & VOC Atlas for biomarker discovery.

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Breath Analysis & Infectious Disease 101

Read our short document summarizing the potential of breath analysis in infectious disease research, what data we have, and how Owlstone Medical can help.

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Talk to us about your biomarker research and how Breath Biopsy could help.