Breath Analysis in Clinical Trials

Published on 07 Dec 18, under InTERCEPT, LuCID, PAN, Research focus, STRATA

Cumulative number of clinical trials involving breath analysis

Analysis of all clinical trial data1 shows that between 1997 and 2017, 517 trials have used or are using a form of breath analysis in their workflow. During this time period there has been a rise in the annual number of clinical trials starting involving breath analysis, indicating the increasing interest in the utility of breath-based biomarkers (Figure 1).

Cumulative Number of Clinical Trials involving Breath
Figure 1. Steady rise in the numbers of clinical trials using breath analysis. 

Disease categorization in 517 clinical trials using breath analysis

The identified clinical trials cover a wide range of conditions, demonstrating the breadth of applications where breath analysis is thought to be useful. A breakdown of the generalized disease categories of the trials is shown in Figure 2.

Clinical Trials involving breath disease pie chart
Figure 2. Breakdown of disease category of 517 clinical trials using breath analysis in their workflow.

Download the list of clinical trials involving breath analysis as an excel spreadsheet:


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1. Data from

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