We provide full guidance on optimal collection of breath and other biospecimens. We install our ReCIVA Breath Sampler in clinic for reliable collection of patient breath samples.

Non-invasive breath collection of biomarkers

We provide the tools and training for reliably collecting breath samples ready for transportation

We install our CE marked ReCIVA Breath Sampler in clinic and provide training for trial nurses or respiratory technicians in sample collection. The sampler is comfortable and easy to use. The patient breathes as normal into the mask for several minutes until the required volume of breath is collected. ReCIVA has been designed to collect up to four breath samples per patient, exclude background contaminants and concentrate breath into sorbent tubes for reliable results.

Pressure and carbon dioxide sensors within the sampler allow for real time monitoring of the patient’s breathing, which enables repeatable targeted selection of enriched portions of the breath that contain the highest concentration of biomarkers. The sampler itself is constructed of inert material to prevent contamination from exogenous VOCs. Disposable single-use masks and an integral filter protect patients from cross-contamination.

ReCIVA is a reliable and reproducible way to capture VOC biomarkers in breath samples

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Our CASPER Portable Air Supply system provides a consistent flow of air to guard against sample contamination and ensure reliable and reproducible results. The system is portable and can be used wherever the patient is in the clinic.

Breath is collected in up to two pairs of industry standard stable sorbent tubes, which are shipped to Owlstone Medical’s Services laboratory with no special handling or shipping procedures required.

Our proprietary sample database tracks tubes and samples throughout the full analytical process, stores anonymous patient data and connects seamlessly to the analytical instrument to store chemical spectral data against each patient sample.

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Collection of other biospecimens

A wide range of biofluid samples are suitable for analysis of VOCs including urine, serum, plasma, blood and other biofluids. We accept both archived samples and samples collected from on-going studies, and collect VOCs using the ATLAS Headspace Sampler. During your consultation we will provide you with recommendations on biofluid sample collection, storage and transportation.

Other biospecimens, e.g. feces, in vitro cell cultures, may be analyzed upon request. Please contact us for further information.

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