CASPER Portable Air Supply

CASPER® Portable Air Supply

Enhance VOC detection by excluding background signals

  • Minimizes background VOC signals in Breath Biopsy® samples
  • Small and portable, removing the need for clean air supply lines
  • Enables more convenient sample collection in a range of locations
  • Safe and easy to operate with clear user feedback
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Boosting signal-to-noise in Breath Biopsy

Exhaled air is highly complex, containing as many as 1,000 different volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This complexity adds to the challenge of reliably identifying clinically relevant biomarkers, yet many VOCs have little to do with health and biology and are simply contaminants from the surrounding air. The majority of breath collection technologies are unable to exclude these background VOCs and industrial clean air devices that can filter the air in a room are extremely large and impractical for use in many settings.

As the partner to the ReCIVA® Breath Sampler, the CASPER™ Portable Air Supply removes background VOCs from the air inhaled by test subjects without compromising on portability making it possible to collect Breath Biopsy samples in a much wider range of situations. CASPER is provided as a standard part of the Breath Biopsy Collection Station, which includes all of the tools required to ensure robust and reliable collection of Breath Biopsy samples.

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VOC Sources

  • Reliable air supply

    Delivers over 40 L/min of filtered air direct to ReCIVA

  • Portable

    Can be wheeled anywhere as part of the Breath Biopsy Collection Station

  • Simple to operate

    Clear user feedback and simple user interface

  • Easy change filter

    Custom filters are easy to fit and include filter lifetime tracking

  • Sensitive and Safe

    Integrated sensors and fail safes ensure subject comfort and safety

Breath Biopsy: A non-invasive approach for disease detection and precision medicine

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Getting the most from your samples

While metabolic processes produce a wide range of VOCs, there are also many VOCs in the air. Pollution, furnishings, food, cosmetics, perfumes and cleaning products are all common sources of VOCs in any air sample. These are the kinds of VOCs that are inhaled and exhaled again unchanged, contributing no useful information to Breath Biopsy samples.

The abundance of different VOC species in breath can differ by as much as six orders of magnitude. While the most abundant species can be easy to analyze, they can make it harder to accurately detect and identify the rarer ones. Removing background VOCs that originate from the environment reduces the levels of some of the most abundant VOCs and ensures that more of the VOCs collected in each Breath Biopsy sample are relevant to a subject’s health and metabolism. Our data show that CASPER removes over 75% of background VOCs, a level of performance that it comparable to industrial clean air supplies.

Measuring CASPER's Performance

Breath Biopsy: The Complete Guide, your introduction to breath biomarkers

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CASPER Portable Air Supply

How does it work

How does CASPER work?

CASPER uses a mains-operated air pump which takes ambient air and passes it through an air filter unit before supplying it via a plastic tube to ReCIVA. The subject breathes in filtered air, reducing the level of background VOCs from the surroundings that are present in the collected sample. To maximize portability, the Breath Biopsy Collection Station includes a lightweight and easy to clean stainless steel trolley.

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