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Breath biomarker discovery with Breath Biopsy® and EVOC® Probes could lead to non-invasive early detection and disease progression monitoring for NAFLD, NASH and other liver diseases.

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Presentation: Developing EVOC Probes for liver disease

As part of BBCon21, Giuseppe Ferrandino presents our latest work developing exogenous VOC probes for high sensitivity, high contrast detection of liver disease using breath.

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Review: Perspectives on breath for detection of liver disease

An overview of existing research into breath tests for chronic liver diseases, and preliminary results of our untargeted Breath Biopsy research.

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Interview: Rob Smith, Senior Applications Chemist

Meet Rob Smith, Senior Applications Chemist at Owlstone Medical, working with the GC-MS technology to link levels of breath limonene with cirrhosis.

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Publication: Breath Biopsy Assessment of Liver Disease Using an Exogenous Volatile Organic Compound

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We’re working on liver disease with these groups:

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Using Breath Biopsy to identify biomarkers of liver function

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Identifying Translational Biomarkers using Breath Biopsy in vitro Headspace Analysis

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