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Compounds on breath originate from tissues around the body and are carried to the lungs via the blood. As such, Breath Biopsy Products & Services can be used in research to study a wide range of diseases and biological processes, including respiratory conditions, liver diseases, cancers and environmental exposures. Discover more examples in our publications and case studies sections.

Breath Biopsy Overview

Breath Biopsy provides reliable non-invasive analysis of biomarkers on breath with potential applications in early detection and precision medicine. With Breath Biopsy, you can collect and analyze a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on breath with wide-ranging relevance for human health. We are also developing tools for the collection and analysis of proteins, nucleotides and pathogens from exhaled respiratory droplets.

Breath Biopsy for Respiratory Droplets


Our Breath Biopsy Products & Services offer a complete solution for the collection, analysis and discovery of VOC biomarkers in exhaled breath or in vitro samples. Breath Biopsy Products & Services can support clinical and in vitro VOC sample collection and give you the choice of performing your own analysis using TD-GC-MS or FAIMS technologies, or letting our expert team do the work for you at our world-leading Breath Biopsy Laboratory.

Types of Biomarkers - respiratory droplets and VOCs

Breath Biopsy: A non-invasive approach for disease detection and precision medicine

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Breath Biopsy – Sample Collection

The Breath Biopsy Collection Station includes everything you need to ensure high-quality, reproducible collection of breath samples. The heart of our system is the ReCIVA® Breath Sampler, which is capable of simultaneously collecting and pre-concentrating duplicate VOC breath samples, helping to ensure robust results. Together with the background-reducing capabilities of the CASPER® Portable Air Supply, our system offers a high signal-to-noise ratio that is optimized for quality VOC biomarker discovery.

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Are you looking for in vitro evidence of VOC biomarkers in your disease of interest? Or would you like to support your in vivo data with more direct biological evidence? We also provide in vitro VOC collection and analysis capabilities that could be ideal for your needs. Our systems can collect headspace VOCs from tissues, cell cultures and isolated macromolecular preparations for direct HRAM GC-MS analysis.


ReCIVA Breath Sampler device and CASPER Portable Air Supply

Breath Biopsy® OMNI®: advanced global breath VOC analysis

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Breath Biopsy – Sample Analysis

If you want the confidence and security of knowing that your Breath Biopsy samples are being processed and analyzed by specialists using processes optimized for breath analysis then opt for Breath Biopsy Services. Simply collect your samples with the Breath Biopsy Collection Station and ship them to our Breath Biopsy Laboratory in Cambridge, UK and we will take care of the rest.

Breath Biopsy OMNI® Platform is our most advanced solution for reliable global breath VOC analysis. It's the only commercially available tool optimized to reproducibly detect biologically relevant compounds on breath through a combination of robust sample collection and advanced HRAM GC-MS technology for sample analysis. Our team includes expert analytical chemists and data scientists who apply a rigorous quality control process to ensure that we can provide you with accurate and reliable results.

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Should you prefer, we can also provide you with the technology to implement your own mass spectrometry or FAIMS VOC analysis pipelines to analyze Breath Biopsy samples in your own facility. Contact our team to find out more.

DIY Breath Biopsy Analysis

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Explore the Applications of Breath Biopsy for Early Detection, Precision Medicine and Exposure

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